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      Here you will find information and examples of Ralph E. Collins' works that are on a number of different canvases that you can choose from for your own home or collection.

  • Prints           $18.50 with Shipping & Handling

             Prints of the artworks displayed on this site come in 8½"x11" and sell for $15.00 USD. Shipping & Handling is $3.50 USD. To purchase them please contact us.

  • Artwork on Leather      [ Coming Soon ]

  • Artwork on Tile, Stone and Glass      [ Coming Soon ]

  • Custom Holiday Cards           [ More Info ]

             Pricing and Information for Custom Holiday Cards can be found here.

  • Personalized Pet Monuments, Made to Order                                                                                 [ More Info ]

             Pricing and information for Pet Monuments can be found here.

If there is any other product or artworks that are not displayed on this site that you would like to ask about, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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